The Global, Online Tech Glossary


If you have some experience with different areas of software technology, you have probably noticed it: the same term in different contexts can have many different meanings. An instance in AWS EC2, an instance in MongoDB, an instance in Java and an instance in NginX are all something different. And this applies to other terms as well: objects, buckets, rules, users, domains, processes, etc. can all have various definitions.

The idea of this post is to provide a website that collects such terms’ definitions, letting the user search for and list them by domain or by term. So the user could for example view all the domain terms of Azure on a single page, or view all the various meanings of bucket on a dedicated page. Each entry is simply a domain-term pairing with a short definition, and optionally a link to an authoritative source.

This information can either be crowd-sourced from users or supplied by paid web workers, depending on the business model. In the first case, the site would be editable by anyone, like a Wiki.

To some degree this is already provided for by Wikipedia with its well-known disambiguation pages. But that is only a minor feature of Wikipedia, and a dedicated site would do a better job at it. Furthermore such an online glossary could have dedicated focus on a specific area, like the computer science and Internet terminology example we are using here.

Nothing very advanced is needed to make this work. A simple web app with a database, a search component and some SEO would suffice. The hard part of making this work would be to get enough initial momentum for the site to grow by itself and become authoritative on search engines.